EXTREMELY RARE Drop-down Toaster from 1948
This 60 year old toaster originated as the Pennair, since it was first made at the north end of the Philadelphia air field by the Pennsylvania Aircraft Company, immediately after WWII, when surplus aircraft aluminum and steel was plentiful.  In 1948, a company had been spun off into the Delta Manufacturing Corporation to manufacture this toaster. This one is steel with chromium plating.

To use a normal toaster you put the bread in and then you push down on the handle.  To use this one you MUST reverse that order.  First, you push down the handle which does three things: it winds and starts the clockworks timing mechanism, it starts the current, and it closes flaps at the bottom of each toasting chamber. (It was made by an aircraft company, and the mechanism is similar to landing gear.) Only after the flaps have closed do you put in two slices of bread. If you forget and drop in two slices of bread without first pushing down the handle and the slices drop right through the chute. You'll catch on fast but it will crack up guests who forget thus making it truly the COOLEST Conversation Piece you own. When the slices are done, you hear a bang as the spring loaded flaps open, and the finished toast slides down the chute on each side of the toaster. SO NEAT and RARE that you'll be the only one who has one.

It has been thoroughly cleaned, rebuilt and lubricated. The footprint is 7.5 by 9 inches, and it stands 9 inches tall. It is in OUTSTANDING CONDITION considering it's 60 years of very careful use.  It has an original cloth covered cord that has very minimal fraying but is safe.  I will replace it with a new rubber covered cord if you want.

1948 Dropdown Toaster
110-120 Volts 840 Watts For A.C. Only
Delta Manufacturing Corporation Phila. Penna. U.S.A.

Chrome (pictured) $495
Aluminum With Art Deco design $535

Very Rare Glass Sided Sunbeam
This is truly a Rare Find. A Beautifully Painted 3D Glass Sided Sunbeam Toaster.  It is around 45 years old from the early 60"s.  The glass is painted partially on the inside and partially on the outside, giving it a 3D effect which was so popular in the Movie theaters at the time.  Both Sides have the same scene with no blemishes.  The rest is perfect Chrome Steel and a Bakelite Base.
This is the only one I have and it is in Pristine Condition.  It appears Brand New.  Only a few very minor scratches but definitely outstanding for it's 45 years.  It has been thoroughly tested but no cleaning was necessary, as it's former owner took very good care of it.  It will truly be a Fabulous addition to any kitchen, whether retro or not.

Truly Rare and Beautiful $395

Every company was striving to define and produce what were the most modern inovations after the war, and everyone wanted whatever they thought was more modern than Mom and Dad had.  Sound Familiar!
Enter the Toast-O-Lator.  As you can see from the picture there is no slot on the top.  The slots are on the ends, as you can see on the left and there is a similar one on the right.  You had an On/Off switch seen above the cord on the left.  You turned the switch on and waited a minute to let it heat up then you placed a slice of bread in one side and watched through the little round window for the bread to pass slowly to the other side where it came out toasted, just like a conveyor belt.

This one is in average condition considering it is around 60 years old.  There is some pitting in the chrome with a small dent and the top has a painted matte finish.  The Bakelite bottom has been repaired but only you will know.

The best part is it has been completely disassembled and refurbished.  New parts have been hand made as replacements are virtually non-existant.  It works perfectly (for a Toast-O-Lator) unlike most that you might find.  They are very complicated and unless stated, most don't work and it is very hard to find someone willing to tackle fixing it.  I have worked on appliances for 50 years and have a thorough knowledge of them. 

These are not for everyday use but make a great conversation piece as you will be the only one who has one.

A Toast-O-Lator recently sold for $5000.  These are Rare and the $5000 one was Rarer as it had Glass sides rather than the little Peep Hole so you could watch the entire process.  That one sale though, made the rest of them leap in price, especially if they WORKED.  This will be a very wise investment that will surely increase in price in the future.

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