The Super Deluxe Toastmaster with Power Action

Toastmaster designed this fully automatic toaster to compete with the Sunbeam fully automatic T-20 which was selling tons of automatic toasters after WWII. especially because of their radical design in which you simply dropped a slice into the slot and it descended automatically.

This Toastmaster has a motor that takes the bread down and starts the toasting. The Magazine ads of the time called it "Power Action" and this model was The Super Deluxe, and sold at a premium price, just like the Sunbeam.

The easy open crumb door on the bottom makes cleaning simple. And, it has the triple swirl Art Deco Cartouche on both sides that Toastmaster introduced in 1939 and was on their toasters until the 1990s. There is only one control - turn to select the shade of toast, or push to stop toasting early.

Toastmaster Super Deluxe
Elgin, Illinois Made in U.S.A.
Mint Condition  $355
$195 showing some wear but working fine