You are looking at the infamous Toastmaster 1B-14.  It was the most popular toaster of the post war era.  There is a very good chance that if your family didn't have one, you knew one that did.  There were over 6 million of these sold.

This one is in Outstanding shape for it's 60-70 very careful years of age. 

Own what Everybody wanted

65 years ago

Outstanding $195

Nice with blemishes $120


Although Toastmaster made over 6 million 1B14 toasters, they only made a few hundred in COPPER.  Not many have survived because they tarnished, as copper does, and for that reason only were tossed out.  That's also why they didn't sell well. 

THIS IS THE 63 CORVETTE SPLIT WINDOW COUPE OF TOASTERS.  Nobody liked the split down the middle of the back window because you couldn't use your rear view mirror as it would only show the split.  For that reason, they didn't sell well and the very next year came with a full rear window.  Many people even sawed out the split and put a full rear window in their 63 to make it look like a brand new 1964.  That was a VERY COSTLY MISTAKE.  Due to the Rarity of the 63 Split Window Coupe, They are the most sought after Corvette.

I have been lucky enough to find 2 of copper 1B14's and since one was severely tarnished, like a very dark penny, I took it apart and buffed up the outside and am in the process of coating it with clear acrylic, as seen on the left.  The other one on the right is original with light tarnish and original coating mostly intact.  You decide which one you like as both are the same price.  One of the Rarest collector's items you will ever find.

  Extremely Rare Copper $995 in Outstanding Condition,

$595 Needs Polished but working fine

This is a Beautifully well preserved Art Deco toaster from Toastmaster.  It has been disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. It works perfectly and looks gorgeous.  It will be a compliment to any kitchen. 

It has the triple swirl Art
Deco Cartouche on both sides that Toastmaster introduced in 1939 and was on their toasters until the 1990s.

Gorgeous mid 50's Art Deco Toastmaster
$245 in Outstanding Condition,
$145 showing some wear but working fine


Please read above description of the copper 1B14's. 

I truly believe this Copper 1B24 may be even rarer because they were made after the 1B14 and Copper wasn't a good seller then so they probably made fewer copper 1B24's.  I only have this one and have never seen another.  As you can see it is pretty tarnished but I am afraid to buff it because I don't know how many more are left.  I'll let the buyer decide if they want it uncompromised or refinished.  You can see some areas left with the original clear coating but I think the heat of the toasters made it peel off.  As soon as that happened the copper tarnished.

Even Rarer of the Extremely Rare Copper $1395


 You are looking at 25 years of innovation.  The toaster in the background is the Very First Automatic Toaster, the Toastmaster 1A1.  It was made from the mid to late 20's.  More info on this Beauty is available on the tab marked First Pop Up Toaster. 

The Cute little toaster in the foreground is the Toastmaster 1A6.  it is the last single slice toaster that Toastmaster made.  It was made throughout the early 50's.  It is about 2/3'rd the size of a normal toaster.

This one is in Outstanding condition for it's 65 years and works great.  It is so small you could pack it between some clothes in your suitcase and have toast in the morning in your Hotel Room.  Cool......

Mini Art Deco Jewel

$295 in Outstanding Condition,

$195 showing some wear but working fine.